For Peggi Whiting, Seal Sama is a labor of love – and an opportunity to fill a unique niche.

Her original Teryiaki sauces are made specifically with nutritional and health concerns in mind, inspired by the diverse dietary needs of today’s Americans. That’s why she created a Chef’s Blend original, as well as low sodium, sugar free and wheat free versions of Seal Sama Teriyaki Sauce.

So – where did that crazy name come from? It was derived from Peggi’s experiences watching seals frolic with her children while vacationing (“they’re just fun animals,” she says). And “Sama” – a Japanese term meaning “Honorific One” – is the nickname her longtime friends, customers and employees gave her years ago.

Whatever your blend, Peggi promises a unique taste and an attention to quality for those who use the new sauces for marinating, dipping or glazing their own dishes. The 12-ounce containers are easy to use and store. And she has plans for expanding her product line – making Seal Sama available to the widest customer base possible.

And you can always count on this: Peggi knows her sauce just like she knew her sushi.

“The stuff is damn good,” she says with a laugh. “That’s what matters most.”